In the Workshop

Maple Sengebenk currently in the workshop

The design for this bench was published in Fine Woodworking Magazine, contributed by Else Bigton and Phillip Ogden. A piece of traditional Norwegian furniture, it would have been found in the kitchen,  and would have been used for sitting, sleeping and storage.  Traditionally, the arm rest would have a hinge in the middle, allowing the back rest to fold forward to prevent a small child from falling out of bed.  This plan has a hinged seat, but no hinged arms.  The challenge in this piece is the traditional acanthus carving of the back panel.  It is done in fairly shallow relief.  The fine veins that highlight all of the volutes are difficult to carve. sharp and flowing.  Also I chose soft maple for the white color.  It would have been easier to carve in another wood,  perhaps butternut or basswood (too soft).  Shown here, I need to mortise the lid, and sand for finish.  The finish will be satin polyurethane.