About Roger

Roger Huffman


Always interested in building, I built three of my own homes. This included cabinetry and finish carpentry, gradually morphing into furniture.  At first I was most drawn to Shaker and Mission styles, then gradually to Chippendale and Federal reproductions.  When I was a young man, my father bought a used variable speed belt-drive Powermatic lathe.  I acquired it from him and I still have and use it, now probably at least sixty years old.  It works especially well for turning spindles, but also will turn bowls and other work.  Years after I learned to turn, I started to collect professional wood carving tools, and to incorporate relief carving into my furniture. It has for many years been my consuming passion.  More and more of my time is spent relief carving small works of art.


Through the years, I have been largely self schooled, drawing on a large pool of written material and the work of wonderful experienced craftsmen, but realizing that this is really no way to learn a trade.  A better way is to apprentice to a master, and begin to build on his expertise. But, life is life, and building heirloom furniture has been very satisfying.  I always enjoy taking time to visit with other craftsmen, and benefit from their experience. Come meet me in Fountain Green.