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Custom orders:

I always like to talk to customers about their ideas for new projects.  Sometimes they have a picture or drawing of an idea and they would like an idea of what it would cost to bring it to fruition.  I try to respond with measured drawings and descriptions of possible finishes.  Based on the amount of lumber and time involved, I give a price for the completed work.  I ask for 2/3 of the amount to begin.  If for some reason the customer is not satisfied with the completed work, I am willing to refund the deposit and keep the item.  I am not willing to try again on the same piece for the same customer.  The balance is due on delivery of the project.


If you would like to purchase an item pictured on my site, please send me an e-mail.  If I have more pictures or information I can e-mail them back to you.  Of course, the best way to see an item is to visit us here in Fountain Green.  It is a wonderful summer destination, with the National Parks just half a day's drive away.  Items purchased must be paid for in full before I ship.  You can pay by personal check (I will allow time for the check to clear) or by cashier's check.  Purchases are final, unless the item is damaged in some way, or clearly has a defect which affects the value of the piece.  I will find the best shipping option with consideration for both price and safe delivery.  You can pay the shipping added onto the purchase price, or pay C.O.D.  There may be some re-assembly involved.  If you live within a certain range, and depending on the size of the piece, the best shipping option is sometimes for me to deliver the item personally.

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Call me:  1-435-445-3225


I'm Roger Huffman,  the owner and builder of the furniture at Fountain Green Furniture.  For over 40 years I have pursued the craft of making antique furniture reproductions. I'm still pursuing it!

The craft of building antique furniture reproductions demands a knowledge of a number of traditional skills.  Joinery (bringing wooden parts together with strong and beautiful joints) is one. Turning wood on a lathe is another.  Another which I find especially satisfying is carving wood using hand tools: gouges, chisels, scrapers. And of course the use of various finishes to bring out the color and grain of the wood. Another learned skill is the knowledge of furniture grade woods like oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut and others; the experience to know how the wood will work, and how it will appear in the finished piece. Will it will stand the test of time?  What a waste of time to use all these tools on a piece of wood not intrinsically beautiful! These are the skills I have been learning for over 40 years.  And I am certain about one thing:  One lifetime is simply not enough!

I would like to share this knowledge with you, embodied in a piece of furniture that you will treasure, and that generations of your family will treasure.