I'm Roger Huffman,  the owner and builder of the furniture at Fountain Green Furniture.  For over 40 years I have pursued the craft of making antique furniture reproductions. I'm still pursuing it!

The craft of designing, shaping, joining, carving and turning beautiful woods into heirloom furniture can consume all the time I'm able to devote to it.  But as you see in the picture, there are some other loves in my life.  That's my granddaughter, Lucy. She and her sister and two brothers occupy a considerable amount of my life.  (They also possess a large number of my furniture projects.) My wife Julie and I also run another business, Roger Huffman Floors, a retail flooring business.  Still another love is for the Utah desert country.  When not working at home you may find us hiking in central or southern Utah.  Our favorites are Capitol Reef National Park, and the San Rafael Swell. Finally, we share in a public ministry as Jehovah's Witnesses. Julie spends a large amount of time each month in bible teaching, and I share with her when I can.

Fountain Green, Utah is in the very center of Utah, in the mountains at six thousand feet. It is named after a beautiful spring called Big Springs,  gushing out of the mountainside on the very outskirts of town.  It supplies Fountain Green with our drinking water, and irrigation for the surrounding farms.  Our county is named Sanpete, after the nearby Sanpitch Mountains, and Sanpitch River.  (For more information about the history and life in Fountain Green, see "About Fountain Green")  Julie and I moved to Sanpete County in 1971, and have loved it here.  We built our current home and businesses in 2002 in Fountain Green.  In 2010 we were able to purchase the 3,000 foot building north of ours to provide storage and to showcase my furniture.  We hope the woodworking business will grow and that I can "pursue it" for the next twenty years.